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3 College Admissions Essay Tips

Posted in Applying to College by How To Get In Staff on 11.21.11

Writing college admissions essays can be a lot of work! Here are the top 3 tips to remember when writing your essay:

1. PROOFREAD your college admissions essay. Show the reader that you are ready for the challenge that is college. Step back every once in a while, take a break and re-read your essay. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Another set of eyes can be invaluable!

2. DEVELOP an interesting essay topic. Push the boundaries when it comes to showing off your best qualities. This essay is about you. Develop the story so it is packed with details that not only make the essay interesting to a reader, but a powerful statement of your personality and character.

3. CONNECT to the essay prompt and to the reader. You can proofread a well written, developed essay, but you cannot lose site of the goal of the essay. Ask yourself: Did I answer the question? Will this make sense to the admissions officer? Be open to scrapping a few of your favorite sentences so that you have an essay that meets the requirements. Help the reader, the admissions officer, answer the underlying questions: Who is this student? Does their personality, work-ethic, personal values and future goals align with this school?

To find more tips on writing your college admissions essay, visit on Our helpful applying to college section explains more about how best to develop your college essay topic, and covers more about the college application process, including how to ace your college interview.

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