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07.24.13 | 5 Ways to Cover College Costs

Posted in College Life, FAFSA, Financial Aid, Private Student Loans, Scholarships by Student Loan Network Staff
Whether you’re a soon-to-be freshman or second semester senior, it is never easy to figure out how to cover the costs of college. With tuition and hidden fees averaging out to about $40,000 per year, many of you are still wondering how your family is expected to pay for $35,000 of your education, even after having received your Student Aid Report (SAR) three months ago. To help you out in your pursuit of a college degree, here are 5 ideas for paying for college when FAFSA comes up short.

04.25.13 | The 6 Costliest Student Loan Mistakes

Posted in Financial Aid, Scholarships by Student Loan Guru
Find out what student loan mistakes may cost you big, and what you can do to avoid them!

10.19.12 | Scholarship Search Engine

Posted in Financial Aid, Scholarships by Edvisors
New Scholarship Search Engine

Student Scholarship Search has recently been relaunched!!  The new and improved website offers students an open search tool (no registration required), custom lists of scholarships along with articles and blogs with useful advice for students, parents and administrators.

Please spread the word.  Add a link from your website to:

One of my favorite resources is the free scholarship search ebook.  Download (link: this useful resource with tips and advice on how best to find scholarships using the internet.

If you have edits or ideas for improving the site, click on the feedback button along the side of the web page.

Add your comments below!

05.09.12 | Skipping class costs how much!?

Posted in Financial Aid, Paying for College, Scholarships by Student Loan Guru
It's 7:30 on a monday morning and your alarm clock goes off. You turn it off and roll over for 5 more minutes of sleep. When you finally roll out of bed and look at the clock, it's 11:30 and you've missed your class. Not a big deal, right? As it turns out, skipping class might cost you more than you think.

11.04.11 | Applying to College? Starting High School? Scholarship Contests, Alerts & More

Posted in Applying to College, Scholarships by How To Get In Staff

Fall is a time when graduating Seniors are buzzing about getting their letters of recommendation for college ready, or their college admissions essays edited for upcoming application deadlines. What about younger students? What are they doing to prepare for college applications? (more…)

06.15.11 | The ScholarshipPoints $10,000 Scholarship Winner Has Been Posted!

Posted in Scholarships by How To Get In Staff

Calling all ScholarshipPoints members! The $10,000 scholarship winner has just been posted on the winner’s page, so head on over to to see if you’re the lucky student who’s won! Don’t forget, if the winner doesn’t claim the prize within 3 days, a new winner will be drawn!

About ScholarshipPoints

For those of you who haven’t heard, is a program developed to give back to students and help with rising education costs. They give away thousands of dollars each year through monthly scholarship drawings, and they even give away a whopping $10,000 to one lucky student quarterly! It’s free to join and easy to use. Just sign up, earn points by completing activities, then enter those points into drawings for scholarships! You can even enter the HowToGetIn Sponsored drawing ;)

Not a ScholarshipPoints member? Join now and start earning scholarship points!

04.26.11 | Get ready to get scholarships!

Posted in Scholarships by How To Get In Staff

As the end of the year winds down, applying for scholarships might not be on everyone’s mind, but they should be! For students who are serious about finding scholarships, this is a great time of year apply. While other students may have caught senioritis, staying in the scholarship loop late into the year could pay off big. (more…)

03.31.11 | Financial Aid Discussions and Forums

Posted in Scholarships, Stafford Loans by Edvisors

So now most of you are getting your acceptance letters and your financial aid award letters.  Hopefully, it is good news all around.  However, if you have questions about financial aid and how you are going to pay that hefty tuition bill, here are some resources:

Let us know if you find other useful websites...

03.17.11 | Hey Students, Need Scholarships?

Posted in Scholarships by How To Get In Staff just announced the winner of the March $10,000 Free Scholarship sponsored by HowToGetIn (Read more about HowToGetIn’s Annual Scholarships). Paolina Engibegian from Glendale Community College was the lucky winner! HowToGetIn’s next sponsored scholarship is the October $1,000 free scholarship, and students can enter starting October 1, 2011 (the winner will be drawn on November 1). There will be another $10,000 scholarship drawing on ScholarshipPoints on June 15, 2011. To sign up to win visit our page on “How to win scholarships.”

12.23.10 | No one ever said that applying for scholarships was easy!

Posted in Scholarships by How To Get In Staff

Tip of a pen to paper, start your essay off right with these tipsCollege scholarship money is abundant, but  you have to work hard to get your share. Many scholarships require that you submit a scholarship essay on a topic relevant to the foundation or organization providing the cash. January, once your applications are off, it is good time to start writing those essays and spending some of your time off from school searching for scholarships and plowing through the essays that have been put off throughout the fall.

Time and effort are certainly required to write a successful scholarship essay. Here are quick tips that will lead you in the right direction and make sure you write a great essay in a reasonable amount of time:

* When it comes to developing a topic, think outside of the box . Unique essays will shine in a large pool of applicants.
* Use all of the writing skills you have learned in high school. It is important to treat every essay like a piece of writing you would turn in for English class. Use every writing tip you have learned from having a strong theme to proper sentence construction.
* Give a scholarship essay the same attention you would give a college admission essay. This essay will not determine whether or not you get into college, but it could certainly help you pay for your education.
* Proofread and spell-check your work! Spelling and grammar mistakes can lead a scholarship committee to immediately dismissing your essay as a contender.
* Have a parent or friend give it a second look. It never hurts to have another person take a look at something you have written. It is easy to miss small mistakes that someone else could have picked up on.

If you follow all of these steps you should have a piece of work you can be really proud of turning in. It may seem like a lot of work, but every scholarship you apply for will bring you one step close to paying for college with scholarships!!