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Applying to College? Starting High School? Scholarship Contests, Alerts & More

Posted in Applying to College, Scholarships by How To Get In Staff on 11.04.11

Fall is a time when graduating Seniors are buzzing about getting their letters of recommendation for college ready, or their college admissions essays edited for upcoming application deadlines. What about younger students? What are they doing to prepare for college applications?

Throughout high school students can set themselves up for success by creating a relationship with the school’s advisers, or by taking test preparation courses. This is a great start for students, but there is much more student can do starting in 8th grade to prepare for their college years — See the college preparation action plan grades 8-12.

How Younger Students Can Prepare For College

You may have heard the reassuring phrase, “Make the grades now, and it will pay off later”? While, preparing yourself for academic success is one thing, and very important, preparing yourself for financial success is another consideration.

Highlighted Scholarship Program-

This week, we would like to highlight the scholarship contests and alerts provided by They have just added to their scholarship rules that participants starting at age 13 can win their scholarship contests and the money will be deposited into a 529 savings plan for that student. I think this program has a two-fold benefit. Not only are students getting money towards college, they perhaps learn a lesson on saving money, and how they can save for college by contributing their own pocket cash to a 529 plan or another college savings option.

ScholarshipPoints is helping students begin their financial preparation for school through their scholarship contests, and through their scholarship search tips and scholarship alerts. Check out the ScholarshipPoints free college scholarship blog to learn more and to follow along with scholarship-related news.

It is never too early to start getting ready for college!

Yes, here at the blog, we may sound like a broken record saying this, but it is true. While it isn’t necessary to spend 24/7 of your time in college preparation mode. Being aware of what to expect, and knowing the small things you can do along the way can make a big difference. Too many students find out too late in the game how much college actually costs and get overwhelmed.  Do some research on the subject in our paying for college section, and be prepared!

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